Unskilled Jobs in Germany for Foreigners – Work in Germany in 2024

Are you considering relocating to Germany in 2024 to work as a foreigner but lacking professional or specialized skills? If yes, you’ve landed on the right page! Do you know that Germany is facing a labor shortage, and the government has introduced different opportunities to attract foreign workers to fill that space? In this post, I will work you through the current job market, requirements, and available unskilled jobs in Germany for foreigners in 2024.

Current Job markets available in Germany

Germany has a booming economy, with a strong demand for workers in different industries. Currently, the country is facing a shortage of skilled and unskilled workers, particularly in the following sectors below;

  • Healthcare and social care
  • Technology and IT
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Hospitality and tourism

Requirements for Unskilled Jobs in Germany

To work in Germany here are some of the requirements you must meet

  • Valid passport: A valid passport from your home country
  • Language proficiency: A basic level of German language skills will help since German is the most used language in most unskilled jobs.
  • Health Insurance and Contributions: Foreigners working in Germany must have health insurance coverage.

Top Jobs Available for Unskilled Workers in Germany

Here are some unskilled job opportunities available in Germany for foreigners:

  1. Warehouse Worker
  • Job description: A Warehouse Worker is a person whose job is to take delivery of goods into a warehouse for storing and stacking. I.e. they oversee the receiving and processing of incoming stocks or picking orders from the warehouse and sending them.
  • Salary: €10-12 per hour
  • Language requirements: Basic German language skills
  1. Cleaner
  • Job description: A cleaner is a person who ensures that a workplace is always clean and neat such, as cleaning the offices, homes, and public spaces
  • Salary: €9-11 per hour
  • Language requirements: Basic German language skills
  1. Kitchen Assistant
  • Job description: A kitchen assistant assists with food preparation and cleaning in restaurants and cafes. He or She also ensures that all kitchen equipment is well kept and maintained and safe.
  • Salary: €10-12 per hour
  • Language requirements: Basic German language skills
  1. Caregiver
  • Job description: Caregiver assists with caring for the elderly and people with disabilities
  • Salary: €12-15 per hour
  • Language requirements: Intermediate German language skills
  1. Production Worker
  • Job description: Assist with manufacturing and production processes
  • Salary: €11-13 per hour
  • Language requirements: Basic German language skills
  1. Landscapers and Gardeners
  • Job description: A landscape gardener is a person whose job is to make gardens, parks or building surroundings look more natural and attractive.
  • Salary: €9 – €14 per hour
  • Language requirements: Basic German language skills
  1. Nannies
  • Job description: Provide children with the support they need so their parents can focus on other responsibilities.

Note: these approximate salary values may vary depending on location, employer, and work experience. These jobs do not require any special skills or educational certifications. Some companies may demand specific certifications or licenses, such as driver’s licenses or any other license related to health.


Visa Requirements for Unskilled Workers in Germany

To be eligible to work in Germany as an unskilled worker, you will need to apply for a visa. The application process may differ based on age, type of job, or country of residence. For individuals who are under 25 and seeking unskilled jobs, there is a special visa available for them.

To apply for a visa, its means you must have a job offer from a German employer or company to sustain your stay in Germany.

How to apply for an Unskilled Job in Germany while I am in Africa or Asia?

The most effective way for an African to search for a job in Germany is through online platforms like;

Additionally, you can try to reach out to some reputable job agencies OMS Inventuren GmbH, Hays and so on. You can google search these agencies to see how legitimate they are. These agencies can assist you in finding an unskilled job for you.

Tips for finding Unskilled Jobs in Germany

  • Learn basic German: While many Germans speak English, having some basic German language skills can increase your chances of finding a job in Germany
  • Use online job search platforms: such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor to see some job listings
  • Consider internships: Internships can provide valuable work experience for you, leading you to a full-time job offer.


Germany offers a range of unskilled job opportunities for foreigners. With the right requirements and a bit of German language skills, you can find a job in industries like healthcare, technology, and manufacturing companies. Remember to use job search platforms, network, and consider internships to increase your chances of finding a job in Germany.

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